Software applications

At Hou Holding the enthusiastic team of young ICT-engineers is specialised primarily in technical software applications for the industry, small and medium sized businesses and business service companies. We have specialists with either a technical or an ICT background. This mix of specialists can fulfil all projects at technical and ICT level and your applications will be tested in practice by the technicians. There are various ways of executing or solving the client requests or problems.

Our specialism is:

  • A large amount of MS Windows compatible program languages;
  • System integration to improve your internal information flow;
  • PLC software programs;
  • Implementation of SAP systems;
  • Implementation of several Maintenance Management Systems. Like Maximo.

New development, tablets & Smartphones

To stay ahead of the new developments we get specialised in new technologies and to advise you properly concerning your maintenance activities maybe by use of tablets ore smartphones. Mobile interfaces provides more flexibility to your organisation and the ability to work more efficient. The work orders, material requests and consulting the procedures can be done at the work site. The efficiency advantages are enormous the technicians / service men do not have to walk up and down to the PC or laptop for the information needed. You save time, decrease the chance of faults and decrease the loss of notes and data. Those applications need new software to make your data viewable by a tablet ore smartphones. We like to help and advise you concerning the possibilities. The hardware is also certified for use in explosion hazardous areas. We can advise you in many ways and at a large variety of areas. Even small problems are a challenge for us.